Impractical Applications (Ravyn Learns to Tag)

This week’s riffs on tagging (and a number of other things) were inspired by a game I recently joined, a wiki-based freeform play-by-post inspired by Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next books, toying with the idea of the plot-maintaining organization JurisFiction acquiring RPG and fanfiction divisions and agents from the world therefrom. Which resulted in a game [...]

Eight Tagging Tips

I’ve talked a lot about tagging in play-by-posts over the last couple of days, explaining how it works and what sorts of situations it might help prevent. But knowing what and knowing why isn’t much good if you don’t know how. So here are some rules—or at least, heavy guidelines—for dealing with tags in a [...]

Autopsy of a PBP

The play-by-post was dead by the time I arrived. It showed the occasional sign of life—the view-count might increase over the span of a few days, and its players sometimes referenced it. But it hadn’t been posted in for the last month, and nobody seemed to want to try—and now with its GM’s closing post [...]

PBP Tactic: Tagging

A lot of gaming tricks are universal throughout the different media by which one can play, but some have techniques specially suited to the medium. In live-gaming, it’s voices and physical acting; in play-by-chat, it’s getting in under the character limit on the first try—but in play-by-post, it’s tagging, and it’s near-vital to the survival [...]