Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Tuyet on the Enemy

Sometimes, my writing exercises just slip out of me when I’m thinking about something else. This was one of those weeks—I was looking again at the idea of the archenemy, somehow I slipped to the voice of the character of mine who was the most fond of having one, and the rest, in her voice, [...]

Impractical Applications (What Was Tuyet Doing There?)

I talked earlier this week about “What am I doing here?” characters—the ones who fit your playstyle or interests just fine, but for whatever reason aren’t so good for the game as a whole. I’ve been there and done that with a lot of my characters, but I think the most notable was the effect [...]

Reprise: Impractical Applications (Conflict Without Combat)

Originally posted May 15, 2010.
As you’ve probably guessed, conflict without combat is one of my favorite story elements to play with (probably in part because creating characters whose primary skills are in combat, and fight scenes in general, just don’t appeal to me. It’s hard for me to visualize them without [...]

Impractical Applications (A Foolhardy Conclusion)

I talked this week about maneuvering otherwise intelligent characters into less than sensible actions through a combination of stakes, time pressure, and playing to mental state and self-image. While I’ve done this to my players a few times, I think the best example I’ve seen was when this was done to one of my characters. [...]

Impractical Applications (Hero)

Pre-article note: Due to various complications including the holidays and grad school applications, all posts for the rest of the year will be reprints of earlier posts.
I spent most of this last week talking about heroes for this month’s RPG Blog Carnival. I’ve done a few characters who have come close: Aisling would get between [...]

Impractical Applications (Tuyet’s Fear Profile)

Not long ago, I discussed creating fear profiles for characters. This is an example using my old favorite PC, Tuyet.
Name: Tuyet
Default instinctive fear reaction: Fight
Standard reasoned fear reaction (basic): Do something that might help. Then try something else. Then something else. As level of fear increases, improbability of plans increases proportionally, and consideration decreases, to [...]

Impractical Applications (Rank and Dialogue)

Earlier this week, I talked about characters’ speaking styles and how they might adjust for different people’s ranks. While it took me most of my time as a serious gamer to realize the extent to which I played with that concept, I’ve known I had something of an interest in it for a while—and certainly, [...]

Impractical Applications (An NPC’s “Victory”)

I talked earlier this week about the uses in-game of just, well, surrendering, particularly in light of my own experiences. Now, I’ll grant, it was easier in my circumstances; chat-games meant splitting the group didn’t mess up the game too much, the GM didn’t mind the havoc it tended to reach with its plans, and [...]

Impractical Applications (A Change in Costume)

Earlier this week, I talked about the dramatic costume change. I’ve had occasion to use this a number of times, including twice in the game I run and several times in games I’ve played in—and they served different purposes pretty much every time.
The first time in the game I ran was for a party—my group’s [...]

Impractical Applications (Tuyet and Loyalty)

I find that loyalty is almost invariably one of the strongest traits of any of my characters (or at least, my player characters); what differs isn’t so much degree as object. Rare is the game in which one of them doesn’t acquire a very strong attachment, usually to a person or place (most often to [...]