Impractical Applications (Oathkeepers and Small Groups)

This week, I talked about the creation of small groups of characters that serve the narrative role of a single character. One of my groups—and one old-timers may remember, though I haven’t used them in more than a year—is the trio of gods known as the Oathkeepers: Arlen, Maharene and Yael.
Their purpose is simple: they [...]

Unit Level: Small Group as Character

In Monday’s post, I talked about the idea of a small group of characters so closely associated that they might as well be a single character. So how does a small group as a character work?
Before we can discuss why they work that way, we need to understand what kind of group can serve as [...]

Prepping Small Groups of Characters

Sometimes you’re going to have a group of characters that are so associated that they might as well serve as one single character; you hardly ever see them apart from each other, and it’s usually either plot-related or a fact about feasibility when you do. Presenting these sorts of groups onstage is a challenge, particularly [...]