On the Dropping of Mountains

Is there any writer—GM—creator of any sort who has not at some point dropped a metaphorical mountain on at least one member of her cast? I don’t think so. Tragedy and trauma may not be quite as ubiquitous as ants in San Diego, but they come pretty close. It’s pretty easy to tell why mountain-hurling [...]

Reprise: Can Big Drama Be Done Quietly?

Originally posted on February 22, 2010.
I play games in which grand and dramatic is pretty much the gold standard. It’s part of the system, I can deal with that. I see a lot of people writing in ways that are grand and dramatic, and hey, power to them. But there’s one thing [...]

Writing Exercise: In As Few Words…

A long time ago, I wrote an exercise in which the object of the game was to find something and describe it in as minute detail as possible, in order to learn how to see things at the minute, mundane level. I pointed out then that the results of this exercise really weren’t meant to [...]

Thoughts on Descriptive Language

Descriptive language and I have a very, VERY complicated relationship. The kind that confuses soap opera characters and makes the ingenues of complicated relationship dramas roll their eyes.
On the one hand, I wildly mistrust people going poetic. Yes, when it works it works, but it has to work first or you get Silk and Steel [...]