Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Tuyet on the Enemy

Sometimes, my writing exercises just slip out of me when I’m thinking about something else. This was one of those weeks—I was looking again at the idea of the archenemy, somehow I slipped to the voice of the character of mine who was the most fond of having one, and the rest, in her voice, [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Describing a Voice

Tonight’s is an odd little riff—an attempt to describe, not a character herself, but a character’s voice.
It is not that she is too quiet, as that her words do not fight with the other noises about her. She might raise her voice for the end of the world; nobody has any desire to test this [...]

Telling a Story From Multiple Viewpoints

There are some stories that just can’t be told from one perspective—there’s too much going on, and no way the main character can be there to see all of it. That’s where multiple viewpoints come in—and where things start to get a little complicated.
The first thing to think about is how many viewpoints to use. [...]

Guest Post: Journaling In Character

Tonight’s post is brought to us by regular commenter Shinali, lady of the prolific (and hilarious) IC journals; she kindly offered this one to me after my request for guest posts a while back.

Sometimes your character’s views on things matter, but there is no way she would share them publicly. Other times you [...]

The Double Life of In-World Slang

One of my favorite things about new worlds, particularly settings with a subculture-high, inner-city emphasis to them, was all the nifty slang I was going to run into. People would throw around all sorts of colorful similes and metaphors referencing things I’d never heard of, and I’d read through and grin and take note for [...]

Impractical Applications (Voice, Description and Snarky Tour Guides)

Yesterday, I talked about using a descriptive voice and a character voice to work with interactions and contrasts in tone. It’s not a coincidence that I came up with it this week.
One of the places my group is visiting over the course of their adventures is most easily accessed through the ruins of a city [...]

Scening in Two Voices

When getting ready for this week’s session, I found myself thinking about ways to describe a scene or a sequence of events, and how I could get them to work together.
On the one hand, you’ve got third-person description. It wends its way through the background, describing things as they appear, with—I wouldn’t call it less [...]

Six Reasons to Fall into a Character’s Voice

So you’ve got a lot of characters to choose from, are good at falling into voice for just about any of them—and next thing you know, you find yourself doing so. I’m not talking about at the game table, though hopefully it’s happening then as well, nor when you’re practicing being in voice. No, I’m [...]