The Generic Villain Deals With Warrior Cultures

I blame the Management. After she went on and on about these cultures full of fighty-people, they wouldn’t get out of my head. So, how do we as Hands of Darkness deal with the inevitable warrior societies that crop up pretty much everywhere?
One: Don’t fight them. If you have to destroy them, use a doomsday [...]

Impractical Applications (Sidestepping the Warriors)

I’ll be honest—for all I can talk about warrior cultures, and for all I spend five days a week up to my ears in military members past and present and their dependents, not to mention being a military brat by a technicality, I really haven’t had much opportunity to run or write them. Individuals, maybe, [...]

From Whence Warriors?

One thing often not covered in discussions of warrior cultures (or in some cases, only covered in passing) is where they came from. After all, cultures with complex ideas about where the warrior stands in them and what constitutes a warrior don’t just sprout fully formed from a field full of dragons’ teeth—for one thing, [...]

Warrior Standards

One of the most important parts of creating a warrior culture is coming up with the standards to which its warriors are held. Without standards, after all, what is to set a warrior apart from a non-warrior in his culture, or a person who fights from that group of people over there? How is he [...]

Warrior Cultures

From what I’ve seen, it’s practically a requirement in speculative fiction to have a warrior culture crop up somewhere or other. Noble or not-so-noble makes no difference—what matters is that there is a cultural emphasis on fighting, and more to the point on fighting in some way that sets them apart from other cultures. It’s [...]