Impractical Applications: Weather-work

I talked a lot this week about weather. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always let weather come into play, but I’ve seen it have some effect as much as I’ve seen it fail.
Most of the weather I’ve worked with has been atmospheric weather—there more for scene-setting than anything. Battles on rooftops [...]

Weather and Vocabulary

Yesterday, I talked about narrative uses of weather. When I discussed this with my mother the linguist, she didn’t hesitate to point out another—the interesting things that weather does to a cultural vocabulary.
There’s an Old English word, wederian. It means ‘to be good weather.’ Think about this a bit. What does it say about that [...]

Three (and a Half) Narrative Uses of Weather

Weather is one of the easiest things for a writer to forget. It’s all around us, but while it impacts us, it doesn’t always impact us much—modern conveniences tend to work around the worst of it, unless it’s reached the point of catastrophe. As a result, a lot of us—particularly those of us in “Weather? [...]