Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: In the Playroom

This is something of a character showcase and backstory piece I did last month. (It sometimes amuses me how much more descriptive text I’ve used on Malora than on Lian. This tends to happen with the second primary character in a given story, to the point where she—it’s generally a she—starts taking over from whoever [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Malora at the Library

This one was done as a simple character in natural environment sketch—though in Malora’s case, I’m not entirely sure it’s so much her natural environment as the environment Lian usually sees her in. (It also kicked off some interesting observations on the proto-sentiences of books, but I’m going to sit on that for a while; [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Tuyet on the Enemy

Sometimes, my writing exercises just slip out of me when I’m thinking about something else. This was one of those weeks—I was looking again at the idea of the archenemy, somehow I slipped to the voice of the character of mine who was the most fond of having one, and the rest, in her voice, [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Also Readied

I got the idea for this one thinking about the kinds of compare-contrast that could go on between two parallel invocations of a You Don’t Say! Exercise. This one is a parallel to the one two weeks ago—there was a time when it was pretty reliable whom Kes was going on missions with, and let’s [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Readied

Tonight I decided I’d try a different exercise from the usual, attempting to describe indicators of a circumstance without, at least until the very end, specifying what the circumstance was.
Her workspace smells not only of ink stones and silk, but also of wax and wood oil, of polish and new metal. The papers on her [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Describing a Voice

Tonight’s is an odd little riff—an attempt to describe, not a character herself, but a character’s voice.
It is not that she is too quiet, as that her words do not fight with the other noises about her. She might raise her voice for the end of the world; nobody has any desire to test this [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: A Pile of First Lines

Sometimes you hit what might be a good idea and get stuck there. These were opening sentences and images I considered posting before losing momentum; I’m not sure if they’re worth keeping, but they might be worth expanding later.
The room might not have been green; it was hard to tell. Marble walls, marble floor, and [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Infestation

This is the beginning of a very bizarre idea that popped into my head today. The idea itself doesn’t quite make it into the text, but the character it created does.
The door was opened by a man whose suit and loose tie gave me the impression that he was, in fact, the man who had [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Paperweight

Tonight’s exercise is a bit odd. I’ve been of the opinion for a while that one of the biggest problems in writing these days is people who write things that should be creepy—or at least, that come across to me as pretty disturbing—and apparently miss how creepy they actually are. On the other hand, it’d [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: The Storm Chamber

I’d had a plan this week for theming places around colors without their usual association (red without fire, green without plants, and so on). Then this happened–or rather, the first part of this happened, and it fell to me to try to figure out why in blazes anyone would have a chamber where the floor [...]