Impractical Applications: A Room With a Shouldn’t

I talked earlier this week about can, can’t and shouldn’t in terms of how locations affect characters’ actions. There are a lot of potential examples for this, but the main one that comes to mind for me was a long time ago in my game, when the group went after Zora for the first time.
The [...]

Impractical Applications (Redeemability)

A while ago, I talked about details that make antagonists, if not redeemable, then at least a little more tolerable. That’s something I’ve tried to put into practice a few times, to test out audience reactions myself.
First, there was Jalil, and to a similar extent his family. The man himself was something of an accident [...]

Impractical Applications (And Another Lair)

I spent this week talking about the creation of magical locations, originally planning to discuss the one my group’s exploring now. Then one of the members didn’t show up, and the negotiations with the rival group trying to acquire the place ate the session, so I can’t talk about it without spoilers, now, can I? [...]